In-toeing Children

Another condition that can cause much concern for parents in the child is in-toeing. This concern is only natural. In some cases the child can look markedly different from other children in the way they walk. There are a number of usually relatively harmless causes of in toeing. From birth our bone shapes continue to develop and change right up until skeletal maturity at the age of 18. The hips, pelvic position, bone shape and amount of twist in the long bones of the upper and lower leg, and foot bones all undergo these changes as we grow.

The cause of in toeing can occur at any of these levels. In most cases these positional variations catch up with each other naturally over time so that by adult hood most walk with a relatively “straight ahead” or average position.

What can Podiatrists at Body Balance Do?

The assessment process is similar for over pronation examination but care full assessment of the quantity of rotation within bones and joints to determine the level of deformity is sought. Screening for any associated postural malfunction in the foot caused by or linked to the foot leg position in walking is performed. We may carry out testing to see if the child’s gait style may be responsive to in shoe devices or foot wear changes. We explain the reasons for the in-toeing before deciding if appropriate on any treatment regime.



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