Chiropody and Podaitry

Our expert podiatrists and chiropodists will provide an integrated treatment approach for foot and ankle injuries.

We diagnose and treat problems relating to or caused by your feet.

If you have lower back pain, or knee, ankle and foot pain, then it's possible that it is caused by poor foot function.

Our podiatrists use careful examination and analysis to determine if your gait (the way your feet work as you walk and run) is causing the problem. They will then advise and treat you.

Our chiropodists will determine if your foot problem is related to a disorder such as bunions, in-growing toenails or a problem with your shoes - and we'll offer you the best advice and treatment available.

Our Patients Charter

Your Chiropodist will tell you

  • Why you are in pain
  • How long your recovery should take
  • How many treatments you should need.
  • Explain the treatment options and ask you to agree before treatment begins.

Kate and the other osteopaths have always put me straight when my back hurt.

Dr F Dupree


I'm much better after my treatment and back to work now. Thanks.

Emma F -

I was a little apprehensive, but quickly felt at ease with the osteopath who was very professional - he really explained what was wrong.

Mike B -

John sent me straight off to the Doctor who sent me to hospital. I am very Grateful, I didn't know my back pain was from an illness.

Joseph G -

Very professional - fitted me in a short notice and got surprising results.

David F -

Has helped a lot with my chronic back pain. You keep me going.

Jan R -