In-growing toenails

What are in-growing toenails?

The nail is 'in-growing' when the side of the nail presses or cuts into the skin next to the nail. The skin may also become infected or inflamed. Any toe can be affected, but the big toes are affected most commonly.

Tight fitting shoes may be a cause in some cases. It is also more common in people who cut their toenails very short and 'round'. The correct way of cutting nails is 'straight across'. This helps the nail to grow normally and may prevent ingrown toenails from developing.


An initial assessment with treatment using sterile instruments is the first approach - the nail edge is cut away and filed - this in many cases will be enough to alleviate and prevent the nail from becoming infected.

Where conservative care and preventative measures fail to alleviate symptoms and pain then nail surgery is available at Body Balance. Careful pre-operative assessment takes place, and the procedure is undertaken under local anaesthetic, with a full post operative care and information package included.

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