• Effective TreatmentNICE recommended treatment
  • ExperiencedEst 1988
  • ExplainingUnderstand your problem
  • Family TreatmentFor all ages
  • KnowledgeableFour years training
  • Neck Painand headaches
  • Back PainRecomended by NICE
Effective Treatment1 Experienced2 Explaining3 Family Traeatment4 Knowledgeable5 Neck Pain6 Back Pain7

Emergency and Necessary Treatment

We are available for Urgent and Necessary consultations to help with Acute pain and injury and for Key Workers. For other patients the practices are closed following the guidance of Public Health England and the Institute of Osteopathy.

Please Telephone 01708 702200 to discuss your problem with our helpful reception team. They can arrange an initial telephone consultation (£30) with an experienced Osteopaths. They will provide advice and exercises and tell you if you need further tests or treatment. If necessary and urgent, the osteopath can offer you an appointment.

Telephone reception is open 8.45 to 1pm Monday to Saturday to speak to a real person.


Osteopathy works

We have helped 35,000 patients since 1988. Most have back and neck pain. Many others have other joint problems, postural concerns, headaches, sports injuries etc.

We have excellent patient feedback.

  • 98.9% of patients would recommend us and
  • 98.5% rate our service as good or excellent.
  • Chosen by the NHS as a treatment provider.

Fast appointments. - NHS provider - Insured and professionally regulated.

Our friendly full time reception team are waiting for your call. If you have any questions please just call or use our call back service.

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