Diabetic foot care

Diabetes can cause problems in the feet affecting circulation and sensation. This increases the risk of developing problems with; skin, damage to sensation, (neuropathy), infections and open wounds known as ulcers. Neuropathy can reduce the ability to sense pain and damage to your feet. This is why diabetics are often told to have there feet checked by a nurse, doctor or podiatrist / chiropodist.

Diabetics can become very concerned and worry for the welfare of their feet. Many diabetics just need annual screening and education about their foot health from a doctor, HPC registered podiatrist /chiropodist or appropriately trained nurse.

What your podiatrist at Body Balance will do:

  • Ask questions about your Health, Medical History, Medications and Diabetes
  • Examine the condition of your circulation, sensation , skin, nails
  • Examine and ask questions about your shoes, check for corns, hard skin and advise how you can manage them.
  • Examine the conditions of your joints, their ranges of motion and often standing and walking
  • Give you advice about the state of your foot health, weather there are any diabetic problems or not. Advise you on foot health care and on what shoes to wear. Weather or not you need to see a podiatrist regularly or weather annual screening is sufficient.
  • We write to your GP and diabetic nurse if you have one to inform them of our findings.

What additional care do existing diabetic patients at bodybalance get?

Your podiatrists will regularly check on your general health, diabetes and blood sugar control. We carry out ongoing, sensation and circulatory checks and testing as well as continued advice on footwear or write to the GP on your behalf if necessary.
Existing diabetic patients are allowed free short notice emergency checks should a problem or concern develop as we understand these feet need to be checked quickly and to put patients at ease if they are worried but have financial constraints.

Information about diabetes can be found at the Diabetes UK website - www.diabetes.org.uk

Or further information about diabetic foot care from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists web site at - www.feetforlife.org

Our Patients Charter

Your Chiropodist will tell you

  • Why you are in pain
  • How long your recovery should take
  • How many treatments you should need.
  • Explain the treatment options and ask you to agree before treatment begins.

Kate and the other osteopaths have always put me straight when my back hurt.

Dr F Dupree


I'm much better after my treatment and back to work now. Thanks.

Emma F -

I was a little apprehensive, but quickly felt at ease with the osteopath who was very professional - he really explained what was wrong.

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John sent me straight off to the Doctor who sent me to hospital. I am very Grateful, I didn't know my back pain was from an illness.

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Very professional - fitted me in a short notice and got surprising results.

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Has helped a lot with my chronic back pain. You keep me going.

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