What can Osteopathy do for you.

The key parts to successful osteopathic management of your condition are:-

  • Accurate diagnosis - of the problem you have right now.
  • Assessment of the postural, life style and environmental factors that have led to you getting the problem.
  • Effective -hands on - treatment and informed advice.

The benifts of the Osteopathic approach are

  • An understandable explaination of the immediate cause of the problem and the causing factors.
  • Immediate treatment to begin the recovery process, with no waiting.
  • Access to further specialist scans and tests if required. Referral to the right specialists and general practitioner if necessary.
  • Learning how to help yourself, to speed your recovery and to stop the problem comming back.

Osteopathy can not help every condition. Osteopaths are licenced for primary care which means we can identify more serious conditions requiring specialist medical treatment and make sure you see the right person.