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Back Pain (lumbago)

disc injury nerves damaged

Back Pain has many causes. Some of these are congenital, such as scoliosis. Most causes of back pain, however, result from injury or trauma. Common causes of back pain include:

There are also many other conditions which can contribute to back pain. These conditions are almost always given non-surgical treatment, resulting in a successful outcome the majority of the time.

Often, the symptoms are blamed on poor muscle tone in the back, muscle tension or spasm, back sprains, ligament or muscle tears and joint problems. Sometimes nerves from the spinal cord (see Figure 1) can be irritated by slipped discs causing buttock or leg pain. This may also cause numbness, tingling, or weakness in the legs.

People who are in poor physical condition or do work that includes heavy labour or long periods of sitting or standing are at greater risk for low back problems. These people also get better more slowly. Emotional stress or long periods of inactivity may make back symptoms seem worse. Low back problems are often painful. But the good news is that very few people turn out to have a major problem with the bones or joints of the back or a dangerous medical condition.

by John Chaffey last review Jan 2019