BUPA Osteopath,
PPP Osteopathy
AXA and other private health insurance.

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Romford Osteopaths are recognised providers of osteopathic treatment for most of the private medical insurance companies. We have

Private health insurance companies who pay for osteopathy all have different requirements: terms, excesses and limits for claims. Romford Osteopaths STRONGLY recommend that you confirm your claim with your insurer before you begin treatment. You should be aware that different companies will only pay for certain practitioners.

Beyond general advice, our staff can not advise you on whether you claim may or may not be allowed as we have no access to your policy details, and all policies are different.

We can settle your account directly with BUPA and AXA/PPP. We do require a signed credit card authority before your treatment begins to cover any excess that insurers will decline to pay back to us. You are personally responisible for any fees that the insurer will not cover.

You can submit your insurance details here.