Dealing with your concernsDealing with your concerns

If our service has fallen short of what you expected in any way, please accept my apologies. Its is important that we fully understand where we have gone wrong. This page explains how we will deal with your concerns.

You can download a printable copy of this information here.

Step 1 Tell us about your concern and we will do our best to sort it out.

The quickest and best way to get help with your concerns is to speak directly to your practitioner or our practice manager Rose Burgess. Please telephone the practice on 01708 702200 and tell the receptionist that you have a concern and wish to discuss this urgently. You call will be logged by the reception staff and you will be called back by your practitioner or the practice manager by the close of practice the same day. If your practitioner is not available then you will be called by the senior practitioner on duty that day.

The person you speak to will want to know the full details of your concern. It may be possible to resolve the issue immediatly. This may not be the case because more information needs to be collected, notes obtained or practitioners contacted. You will be told who will deal with your concern and how quickly you can expect a response. We will respond to your concern within one week.

Step 2 Make a formal complaint to the Practice Director John Chaffey

If you are unhappy with the response you receive from step one the you may address your complaint to the clinic director and principal osteopath

Mr. John Chaffey B.Sc, D.O.
153 Oldchurch Road

or by e-mail to


If your concern is about Mr. Chaffey then please contact the practice manager Rose Burgess who will advise you of the most senior person who will contact you directly to deal with your concern.

Your concern will be acknowledged in writing. Mr. Chaffey will contact you at no less than weekly intervals to inform you of the progress of any investigation. You will be informed in writing of the out come of the investigation.


Step 3 Mediation

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the first two stages or you feel unable to bring a concern directly to us we will provide a professional mediator. This is an independent professional who will contact you to establish the full details of your concern, they will then place your concern before the practice. There may be a period of discussion and perhaps some mediated meetings but the decision reached by the mediator will be binding on the practice.

Step 4 Professional registration body

The final step for handling your concern is for it to be handled by one of the Statutory Registration bodies for Health Care. This is should be a last resort as the process is long and the registering body will like to see that all other avenues have been exhausted.

Osteopaths are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council

General Osteopathic Council
176 Tower Bridge Road

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7357 6655
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7357 0011
E-mail: contactus@osteopathy.org.uk

Podiatrists are regulated by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Park House,
184 Kennington Park Road,
London, SE11 4BU,
Tel:+44 (0)845 300 6184
E-mail: ftp@hcpc-uk.org