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Hip Problems ( Hip Arthritis)

hip arthritis

Usually this affects the 60 year plus age group, but we do see it in younger age groups especially those with history of trauma, lots of exercise, childhood hip problems such as dislocating hip or CDH and the very active. Arthritic hip usually presents as pain and stiffness in the hip and groin and often refers down the thigh towards the knee. Sometimes people will think that they have a knee problem, when in fact it is the hip that is causing the pain.

If necessary we can refer for an x-ray to confirm diagnosis. Treatment we offer for arthritis of the hip usually involves IMS/Dry Needling, deep soft tissue massage and gentle mobilisation as well as advice on appropriate exercises.

Referred from the lower back. We see a number of cases of what appears to be hip pain when on further examination it turns out to be referred from lower back problems. This can be because the nerve that supplies the hip has become irritated by a tight muscle or strained ligament, creating pain in the hip and/or groin region. Once the correct cause has been identified, we can work on resolving it with treatment.

Bursitis. This is a relatively common problem that tends to occur more often in women than men. A bursa is a fluid filled sac that sits between 2 muscles, close to the hip joint, preventing friction as they pass over each other in movement. Bursitis is what happens when the bursa becomes inflamed and enlarged. This is usually due to repetitive strain or following trauma. Treatment usually is gentle treatment and advice to rest and take anti-inflammatories. Occasionally bursitis results in referral to a specialist to drain the extra fluid from the bursa.

Muscular e.g. groin strain.

Referred from sacroiliac joint problems


by John Chaffey last review October 2013