Information for Referrals

Key Points

  • NHS Treatment available through the Redbridge PCT Osteopathic Referral Scheme has now ended
  • Thank you for all your NHS referrals you may continue to use the same method to refer self fundng patients.
  • Treatment can be paid by using any Private Healthcare Insurance scheme
  • Free opinions and suitability assessments available at GP's request.
  • Negligible waiting times (urgent GP referrals get priority).
  • Most musculoskeletal complaints can be treated.
  • You'll always be kept up-to-date with the progress of your patient.

Which patients are especially suitable to refer?

Individuals with whom we have had particular success (most of which are also soundly evidence based) include those with:

  • Low back pain with or without sciatica. Manual Therapy is recommended by NICE for management of low back pain.
  • Disc problems and spondylotic complaints (-these often respond particularly well to treatment and, to reassure you, this rarely includes manipulation of the problem joint(s)!).
    Thoracic / rib pain
  • Headache / earache of muscles origin (- these are often cases for which the cause of the pain may initially appear uncertain).
  • Neck problems including whiplash type complaints.
  • Postural / mechanical complaints
  • Pelvic / hip problems
  • 'Frozen shoulder' (-we often get a very good response with this)
  • Recurrent / chronic muscles problems which have not responded to other treatments

Problems for which we can offer one or more specialized osteopath/s:

  • Muscles problems in pregnancy
  • Childhood muscles problems
  • Sports injuries
  • 'Whiplash' syndromes
  • Work injuries and occupation related complaints.

What does an Osteopathic assessment and treatment involve?

Osteopathy particularly focuses on the underlying cause of a problem. So a consideration of the whole body's interdependent mechanics is of considerable importance. A visit will involve:

  • A comprehensive case history.
  • A detailed mechanical examination and screening (orthopedic, neurological, cardiac -vascular etc. as appropriate).
  • Clinical evaluation.
  • Explanation to patient of findings, diagnosis and then a discussion to decide an agreed treatment approach.
  • We always aim to provide gentle and effective treatment in a professional, caring environment. If manipulation and/or 'deep' soft tissue techniques are required, this is only initiated with the informed consent of the patient.

Further advice

There is a lot of information on our website for patients including some leaflet downloads.

We are always happy to visit practices and surgeries to discuss treatment, diagnosis and/or any way in which we might improve our service provision. We provide a lecture to the local GP Registrars on Musculoskeletal management. We also welcome Health Professionals who wish to visit any of our clinics; whether you'd like to 'trial' a treatment or to see how we work.

Updated March 2019