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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment

Almost all low back problems can be resolved non surgically. The most effective treatment of acute back pain has been found to be manipulation by a specialist practitioner followed by mobilisation and exercises. (UK BEAM BMJ  2004;329:1377)

Other forms of treatment that held with the acute pain are massage and passive mobilisation.

Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) or Dry Needling is a new technique from Canada that uses acupuncture needles to affect the nerves and muscles to switch off the painful muscle groups in the back. This can be effective in acute and chronic cases. (Gunn et al Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 1980 May-Jun;5(3):279-91.) At Body Balance we offer IMS or Dry Needling as part of your treatment. We find it very effective used in conjunction with other treatment methods such as massage, mobilisation and manipulation.

In more chronic cases it is essential to identify the life factors that are keeping the problem from healing. There may be more emphasis on other parts of the body that may not be painful but contribute to the problem. Exercises and lifestyle advice are also very effective.

Exercise sheet downloads are available here.


Most back pain is simple and requires no additional investigation. If your practitioner thinks it is required then you may need to have x-rays, MRI scans, diagnostic ultrasound or blood tests to rule out a more complex back problem. We can arrange this privately or we can write to your GP and request further investigation.

by John Chaffey last review Jan 2019